roadtofigureAfter winning 3rd place at the Steel Valley Classic in bikini, I am on to my next goal - competing in figure. This blog will chronicle the next year as I get back into bulking, lifting heavy, and growing big!


“you're absolutely gorgeous !:)”

You are too kind! Thank you! :)

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“You're making great progress, and you look amazing.”

Thank you so much! :D

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Lat progress

Lat progress

Sumo DL 185 :)

Leg pressing 500 lbs ;)

“Hi there! I saw you tagged lifting and I thought your blog was good so I followed you :) But I also had a question about lifting. I'm pretty new and I'm trying to make my own routine which I've laid out in my most recent post and was just wondering if you could help me out with some suggestions. Either way, thanks, and keep on posting!”

Aw thanks so much! I always refer to the workouts they post on, and if you check the forums in the “exercise” section there is a really great thread on beginner routines! That’s where I started :)

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Out :)

Out :)

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6 weeks into bulking :)

6 weeks into bulking :)


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